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A tribute to the founder of budogirls.com

A last greeting from our dear Andy who asked us to pulish the following:

Over of 15 years of sever depression took their toll. Desperately trying to fight this monster - even width friends, medical and psyhological help - but in the end, I had to give up

Thanks to all passionated fans who supported the spirit if budogirls!
Life is not the days that passed,
but the ones we remember
You are always in our minds!
It moves and knocks in my brain, I think a bag has being packed,
and my mind goes away - oh god - it going even earlier than
As many of the visitors of budogirls.com I was introduced to Andy through the web, we started to chat in early 1997, ten years ago from now. Wow, how fast time goes. I had never held in a camcoder before I meet with him. Andy was not only a friend, but a mentor in photography and videofilming. He never satisfied with anything but the very best! The red thread in all his work was passion. I was not possible to work close to him without feeling this genuine interest to capture the finest moments of girls in martial arts.
Andy sent me a final letter, asking me to carry on with budogirls. It was a hard
decision, not that I did not want to continue, but I needed time to think and to
communicate to my own feelings. It feels right now, one month after receiving
this letter from Andy. I will continue, it was Andy's own wish as well. Andy and I
were more like brothers than friends, we talked about everything. Of course we had
our fights too, as all close people have. However, Andy was always loyal and in the
bottom of his heart and soul was love. Andy had strong feelings for people, girls and
artistic work. All these feelings are not always easy to cope with, we had long
philosopichcal discussions about life and death. We did not search for perfect answers,
we had hard time enough to ask ourselves the right questions
Andy was a person with deep wit and mind. Now that is gone from this earth I pay him my respect in all future creative work, and even my heart is so full of sorrow, I am still so happy to have meet with him. Thank you Andy for giving life to budogirls.com! I and many with me will never forget you and your work. Therefore bid I you not my farewell; I say "to next time", I hope to meet you again when I leave this earth, sometimes, somewhere. Tobias, originating from sweden, december 2007.
"Those people who got most out of life is not those who lived a century,
but the ones who lived every minute" Colette
Bellow you will find a collection of photographs and two videoclips as memory if Andy's work!


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